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  • Welcome to the Sciences du Langage teaching and research unit (UFR) of Université Paris 8

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  • The present UFR Sciences du Langage (SdL) was born in 2006 from the union of three entities :

    • Linguistique Générale,
      which continues the linguistics department founded in 1968 by
      Jean-Claude Chevalier, Jean Dubois, Maurice Gross and Nicolas Ruwet at
      the former Centre Universitaire Expérimental de Vincennes ;
    • Didactique et Acquisition des Langues,
      a modern development of the former Institute of Applied Linguistics and
      Second-Language Teaching founded in 1968 by Emmanuel Companys, Louise
      Dabène and Hélène Gantier at the Centre Expérimental de Vincennes ;
    • Linguistique des Langues des Signes,
      a pioneer project (one of the very first of its kind in France at
      university level) launched at Paris 8 in 1998 by Christian Cuxac, which
      combines courses in theoretical and applied linguistics, and an
      intensive training in French Sign Language.

    The “experimental touch” which defined the Centre
    Universitaire de Vincennes at the time of its foundation lives on in the
    curricula, the pedagogical choices, and the research orientations of
    UFR SdL, as witnessed by our thorough introduction to formal linguistics
    (covering phonology, morphology, metrics, syntax and semantics), our
    productive exploitation of the wide array of natural languages spoken by
    our students, our innovating and critical approach to French grammar,
    our combined study of linguistics, language-teaching and language
    acquisition, and our pioneering sign-language curricula, naturally open
    to deaf students.

    The UFR SdL is qualified to issue two licences and one master involving three specializations (spécialités) :

    As regards research and graduate studies, the UFR SdL is locally anchored to the graduate school CLI (Cognition-Langage-Interaction) and to the research unit Structures Formelles du Langage (SFL). It is further linked to two journals : Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes and AILE (Acquisition et Interaction en Langues Etrangères), and to the collection Sciences du Langage published by the Paris 8 University Press (Presses Universitaires de Vincennes).

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